You would’t hire a babysitter without getting to know them first — I wouldn’t expect you to hand over your business (also your baby) branding to a stranger either!

Hi! I’m Stephanie, the creative force behind Pine & Pixels. I’m passionate about designing professional visual branding assets for small businesses. I currently reside in Pinehurst, North Carolina and work with many businesses in nearby Southern Pines, Aberdeen and Carthage.

My interest in graphic design was formalized in high school when I was able to fill my schedule with a Visual Communications elective, although my fascination was evident much earlier as I was more excited about designing my science fair displays than the actual experiments. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Visual Communication Arts from Liberty University. I absolutely loved that I could take entire classes dedicated to typography, graphic design software, and publication design. As a military spouse, I have had the unique opportunity of working with a few different companies in the first few years after college that ranged in focus across the graphic design industry. I worked with a wedding a publication, a non-profit community art organization, a small business with a tech focus and an advertising agency. I experienced different workflows, processes and the pain points in each industry. It was an incredible learning experience and has had a large influence on the processes I developed for Pine & Pixels.

When I’m not designing and working with clients you might find me attending events as a member of the Moore County Chamber of Commerce or board member of Pinehurst Business Partners. I have fallen in love with the Pines and love connecting with local business owners.


A few personal facts:

  • In my first 5 years of being an Army wife, I moved 5 times and lived in 4 different states.
  • I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and went to a school that celebrated an annual Drive-Your-Tractor-to-School day.
  • Mountain climbing has become my favorite hobby and I’ve reached elevations of 18,143′ and 17,782′ on summits in South America.
  • In elementary school, I used to get so much more excited about my science fair display than the actual project. This made so much more sense once I let go of my dream to be a park ranger and decided to pursue graphic design.
  • I’m not much of a music person and prefer silence when I’m in the car by myself (or an audiobook for long drives).