How to Save Time with Organized Brand Assets

If you are not familiar with Trello, I encourage you to watch the video to get a better understanding how it works.

You may have never considered organizing your brand assets before, but have you ever scrambled to find the right logo file when you need to submit it for an ad in your local magazine? Or have you eyeballed your brand colors because the hex codes weren’t in front of you? If there is one thing all small business owners have in common, its that we are busy and feel like we never have enough time.


Lucky for us, there is a free project management software called Trello that makes organizing brand assets a breeze. This isn’t sponsored by Trello, but I wanted to share it with you as a tool that I found helpful in my own business and have shared with many of my clients. It will take a few minutes to get it up an running but after that you’ll be able to locate everything you need to keep your brand looking consistent. Sign up for a free account at

Set it Up

Start by listing the categories of branding assets you often need. Some examples include:

  • Logos
  • Visual Assets
  • Photography
  • Messaging
  • Testimonials
  • Login Credentials
  • Printed Materials
  • Visual Inspiration

Each of these categories becomes a Trello list (the light grey boxes). Below each list, you can add cards with more specific information on it. Cards can contain comments/text about each item, attachments in the form of images, pdfs, word documents, google documents and any files that are stored on Dropbox or Google Drive.

What Should I Organize?

Now, take your list of categories and start filling it in with all of your brand assets. I’m most inspired to organize my house when I see clever ideas of how other people have organized their own homes – so I’m giving you a bit of inspiration below:

  • Logos: Full color logos, logo variations (with and without tagline for example), single color logos, submarks (what is a submark?), logos with transparent backgrounds
  • Visual Assets: Font files, color palette (be sure to include hex codes), patterns or textures, icons
  • Photography: Headshots of you and/or team, product/service photos, brick-and-mortar interior/exterior images
  • Messaging: Tagline, mission/vision statement, bio, team bios, business description, elevator pitch, product/service descriptions, company history, list of keywords, target audience, buyer personas, commonly used phrases in your copywriting
  • Testimonials: Reviews/testimonials from customers organized by product/service, date, name, an email script for asking others for testimonials
  • Login Credentials: Store username and passwords for: website backend, hosting account, domain registrar, third-party plugins, email marketing account, Google My Business account, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Angies List, etc.
  • Printed Materials: Working and print files for business cards, brochures, posters, signage, tshirts, menus, etc.
  • Visual Inspiration: Store urls and screenshots of inspiration for your brand and future branded projects. You can take photos of physical objects, like brochures, and quickly add them to this list with your phone.

Every small business is different, so I encourage you to brainstorm beyond this list. Add all elements that you need to reference and organize them with Trello so that you can maximize all opportunities you have to consistently brand your business.

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