Santa's Summer in the Pines Poster Design


Did you catch Santa and Cupcake in this year’s July 4th Parade in the Village of Pinehurst? Pinehurst Business Partners is hosting a new event, Santa’s Summer in the Pines, on Saturday July 29. This Christms-in-July themed event will be held in Tufts Park and will benefit the Hearts 4 Heroes US organization.

I had the opportunity to create the visual brand for this new event. The goal was a brand that would stand out from the rest, that could be applied to several different sized posters/flyers/yard signs/social media outlets and appealed to families. I am very pleased with the way all of the branded elements turned out and I’m sure you’ll find (the poster of) santa and his lemonade peeking out at you from most of the storefront windows in Pinehurst and Southern Pines.

A few specifics of the design strategy:

  • Design with a bright background to catch attention
  • Use a bold but friendly font to catch attention but appeal to families
    This was accomplished through a heavy font with rounded edges giving it a bit of youthfulness/softness.
  • Large icon/illustration
    By only showing part of Santa, I was able to increase his size to be recognizable at a distance and still leave room for all of the pertinent event information. The mind has an amazing ability to complete images only partially displayed!
  • Two versions (square and horizontal) of the event name were designed to be used on a variety of poster/image dimensions.