How to Install Your Brand Fonts

If there is one tip I could share with small business owners it is the importance of brand consistency. You can read about that here. Consistent font(s) can be a large part of that (read more here). Part of my branding process includes pairing typefaces for a brand.

“But, how do I use these fonts?”

No worries, I hear you. First, consider whether your font requires a paid license or not. If it does, this is something we’ve already discussed prior to your approval of the brand. I will provide you with a link to the site where you can purchase a user license. Once you select and pay for the font, you will be able to download the font files. If your brand fonts are free, you will receive the font files in the Dropbox folder along with your other brand assets.

Install Your Font(s)

Once you have downloaded your font file (font name).zip, place it on your computer desktop.

Mac users:
  1. Double click on the font file. This will place the unzipped folder on your desktop. Open the folder.
  2. The files you need in that folder end with either .ttf or .otf. If both types of files are in your select all of the .otf files by holding down shift while clicking on all of the .otf files. Double click on the selection.Note: you may see a file that ends with .txt. You can ignore this file as it usually includes user license information or information about the font designer.
  3. This opens the files in Font Book, the application on your Mac that manages all of your installed fonts.
  4. Select the “Install Font” button.

Once the validating screen closes, you are can close the font book window. Your font is now installed. You should be able to access it in any software installed on your computer. If you try to access the font in something (ie Microsoft Word or Publisher) try closing that program and opening it again. Occasionally, these programs will not load a font that has just been installed until the program has been restarted.

PC Users:

Refer to the instructions here.

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