How to Find Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

A website without analytics is like a football team without a coach. The team can run as many plays as they want but if they don’t have someone on the sideline watching their every move and providing data on the opposition, their performance will suffer.  You can implement various strategies (aka plays) on your site but unless you have something in place to collect information about your users’ interactions with the site – all those efforts are carried out blindly. Analytics will give you specific feedback on your site’s performance allowing you to run the appropriate plays.

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that tracks website traffic. From the time Google Analytics is installed on your website you can see:

  • How many visits your website receives
  • Who visits your website (the user’s screen resolution, browser, language and physical location)
  • How long they spend on your site and what they click on
  • How visitors locate your site (social media referral, organic search, etc)

If you are working with a web designer or developer you have probably been asked for your unique Google Analytics Tracking Code. Some people also call this your Google ID. Follow along with the tutorial below in order to get the tracking code your designer/developer requested.

Create a Google Analytics Account

  • Go to and click the “Start for Free” button
  • Sign in with the same credentials you use to access your Gmail account. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, select the “Create Account” button and set one up (for free).
  • Select the “Set up for free” button once you have opened Google Analytics

Tip: Bookmark so you can easily check in on your site’s performance.

  • Type the name of your business in the “Add your account name” field.
  • Make sure all of the recommended options are checked (or uncheck based on your preferences).
  • Then select to measure “Website” (or “App” if you will be tracking data on your app).
  • Fill in the website name, url, industry, and timezone
  • Then click “Create”

Boom! Your Google Analytics account has been created.

Locate your tracking code.

Once your Analytics account has been created, you will land on the dashboard of your account. The tracking ID is listed on this page. Copy the code and give this to your designer or developer so they can apply it to your website.

If don’t see the tracking code:

  • Navigate to the “Admin” tab in the lower-left corner.
  • Then click “Tracking Info” and “Tracking Code” to view your tracking ID

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